Gas Turbine Power Plant Quick Evaluator

This tool provides an inexpensive analysis of nearly every industrial gas turbine power plant in either Simply Cycle or Combined Cycle mode. Our Quick Evaluator is updated to include “Market Smart” cost information including capital expenses, major OEM model upgrades, etc. Hundreds of engineers, OEM’s, and project planners have benefited from the use of our Quick Evaluator tool.

Benefits of the tool include:

  • Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle evaluation capable
  • All major industrial gas turbine models included
  • Latest market-level pricing and maintenance costs are included in the evaluation
  • Easy to select inputs include:
    • GT Model
    • Fuel Cost
    • Operating Hours
    • Start Frequency
    • Energy Sales Value
    • Financial Evaluation inputs such as Cost of Money, and Plant Evaluation Period
  • Quick Evaluator Outputs Include:
    • Expected One-Time Cost Details
    • Annual Fuel and Maintenance Costs
    • Net Present Value Project Evaluators
    • Fuel, Maintenance, Project Value