DPC Announces that Dan Werrell has Joined as a Principal Consultant

“We continue to expand our team in an effort to provide unparalleled expertise in energy related plant, equipment, and services” said Anthony Brough, Principal and CEO of the Chicago-based firm. “Dan brings a wealth of Corporate Executive, Product Management, and Six Sigma experience. In addition, during the course of Dan’s many leadership roles, he was instrumental in reorganizing and driving productivity improvement. These are skills our valued clients highly desire.”

Dan’s background includes thirty years at General Electric with executive-level experience at GE Capital, GE Energy, and GE Aviation. Dan has Operations and P&L experience in Gas Turbine Services and Rail Service including the integration of multiple service acquisitions at Energy and divestiture initiatives at Rail. Additionally, Dan has consulting expertise in power plant development, operations, and product management, leveraging his Certified Master Black Belt skills.

After receiving bachelor degrees in both Electrical and Chemical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University, Dan earned a master of science degree in Industrial Engineering at University of Cincinnati.