Operations Management

Facility and Asset Management

Inventory control and component provisioning is an endless headache for rotating equipment operators. Our team can provide inventory management for improved cash-flow and our procurement team provides sourcing solutions to those expensive and hard-to-source components.

Our O&M (Operate & Maintain) team has experience managing both utility-grade and Oil & Gas facilities, leveraging on-site managers & field service personnel. In addition, our maintenance philosophy begins with a "proactive maintenance" plan which minimizes downtime and avoidance of unnecessary and unplanned repairs and outages.

Inventory Control, Provisioning, Operate and Maintain

  • Managing inventory for improved client cash-flow
  • Sourcing solutions for expensive and hard-to-source components
  • Leveraging our engineering services team, when new component solutions are needed
  • Field service personnel with experience in an industry where mature specialists are retiring at an alarming rate
  • Managing operations for maximum client revenue potential
  • Managing maintenance activity to minimize downtime and use of proactive maintenance techniques to avoid costly repairs
Operations Management

Customized Reports

Our team of experts can provide deep insight into the Energy industry. Each report can be customized to explore capital equipment forecasts, aftermarket opportunity, industry sizing, product evaluation, value-stream analysis, and many other key areas of analysis.